Prescription Medication

At Phelan’s Pharmacy we offer the complete range of schemes that are available.

  • Medical Card (GMS)
  • Long Term Illness (LTI)
  • Drug Payment Scheme (DPS)
  • Drug Refund Scheme
  • Hospital Emergency Scheme
  • Dental Treatment Scheme
  • Health Amendment Scheme
  • European Prescription Scheme

In addition at Phelan’s we can help and advise you as to your entitlements regarding tax relief on your medicines and also the GP visit card.

Blood-Pressure Screening

Have your blood pressure checked free of charge to screen for hypertension.

Smoking Cessation

We can help you kick the habit with a range of products and appropriate advice, tailor made to your needs.

Inhaler Technique Advice

Our staff would be delighted to help ensure that you are using all of your inhalers correctly and appropriately.

Morning After Pill

We provide the emergency contraceptive pill without a prescription to women over 16 years of age provided you meet certain criteria. It is available free of charge to medical card holders.

Diabetes Screening

You can find out if you are at risk of Diabetes by being screened in Phelan’s Pharmacy for your blood sugar levels. Roughly 1 in 3 people are unaware that they have the condition.

BMI Screening

In Phelan’s Pharmacy you can have your Body Mass Index (BMI) assessed.

Fertility Treatment Dispensing

Phelan’s have many years experience of providing fertility treatment dispensing, help and advice.

Home Delivery

Because it is not always possible to get to the Pharmacy, Phelan’s can provide a prescription delivery service to nearby homes and businesses.

Hypertension Management

We offer blood pressure screening in the store to ensure that your blood pressure is within acceptable parameters. We will interpret the results and give you appropriate advice and guidance on how to ensure that your blood pressure remains healthy.

Obesity / Weight Management

Due to the busy lives we lead, weight management can become a challenge. In Phelan’s we will give you sensible tips and advice to help you control your weight.

Monitored Dosage System

If you are finding it difficult to take the correct medicines at the right time ask us about our monitored dosage system. Your weekly tablets can be packaged according to both the time and day of the week. This could be ideal if you are taking a lot of different medicines, just out of hospital or caring for someone. Special conditions apply.

Flu Vaccine

We provide the Flu-vaccine to medical card and private patients if required.


Why not get in touch with us if you have any questions about the above services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.