Phelans pharmacy provide a complete range of prescription services that are available on all schemes. We also have a complete range of over-the-counter medicines that are provided with the best care and service available in retail pharmacy.

Government Schemes

Medical Card (GMS)

Medical card holders are entitled to a range of services for free such as GP visits, hospital visits, certain types of dental treatments and a range of personal and social services.

Entitlement to a medical card is subject to means testing and which are normally awarded to people who can prove they are below set income thresholds. However, the guidelines differ depending on whether you are under or over 70 years old. If you hold a medical card then you are entitled to a reduced fee or €2.00 for the dispensing of prescription items. This is capped at a maximum of €20 per family per month.

Doctor Visit (DV) Card

If you do not qualify for a full medical card you may well be eligible for a GP Visit Card which allows individuals and families to visit their doctor for free. However, you must cover the costs of prescribed medicines and access to other health services. The income allowances for a GP Visit Card are higher than the medical card, and therefore more people are eligible for them. It is recommended that those who have a GP Visit Card also apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme Card.

Drug Payment Scheme
The Drugs Payment Scheme caps the amount an individual, or family, has to pay on approved prescribed medicines, drugs or medical appliances to €134* each month. The Drugs Payment Scheme is not means tested and is available to individuals who are ordinarily resident in Ireland and who hold a PPS number.

For the purpose of this scheme a family is defined as: an adult, their spouse and any children under 18 years. Dependents aged between 18 years and 22 years, who are in full time education, may also be included.
If you are interested in this scheme please talk to any of our staff who can register you for the Drugs Payment Scheme.

Long Term Illness Scheme

The Long Term Illness Scheme is designed to assist people with certain long-term illness or disabilities. This scheme is related to the long term nature of your specific illness and is not means tested. If you qualify, then you will be supplied with a Long Term Illness book which entitles you to get certain drugs, medicines, treatment or surgical appliances related to the treatment of your illness for free. To qualify for the Long Term Illness card your Doctor or consultant must sign a form to confirm your illness and identify the medication you require.

The LTI scheme only applies to the following conditions:
• Acute Leukaemia
• Certain Mental Disabilities
• Cerebral Palsy
• Mental Illness (in a person under 16)
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Diabetes Insipidus
• Muscular Dystrophies
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Parkinsonism
• Epilepsy
• Phenylketonuria
• Haemophilia
• Spina Bifida
• Hydrocephalus
• Conditions arising from the use of Thalidomide

Hospital Emergency Scheme

Medical Card holders who are discharged from a public hospital can get their hospital prescription filled in Phelan’s Pharmacy, if presented within 24 hours of being discharged. Normal medical card charges of €2.00 per item apply to this scheme.

Dental Treatment Scheme

The Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) covers all medical card holders who are aged 16 years and over. They can avail of a range of dental treatments from dentists who hold DTSS contracts with the Health Services Executive (HSE). Certain approved medicines prescribed under the DTSS scheme can be obtained using your medical card and subject to a €2.00 charge per item.

Health Amendment Card

Patients who contracted Hepatitis C from blood or blood products administered in Ireland and have a positive diagnostic test are entitled to a range of services for free. If you are eligible, the Hepatitis C Liaison Officer in your HSE area will arrange to issue you with a Health (Amendment) Act Card (HAA Card).

Services available under this scheme include:
• public in-patient and out-patient hospital services
• GP services
• dental and ophthalmic services
• all prescribed drugs, medicines and appliances
• home nursing
• home help
• counselling services
• other services

European Health Insurance Card

European residents who hold the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), E111 or equivalent may obtain essential prescribed medicines in case of emergency. Medicines must be prescribed by a doctor who has a contract with the Health Services Executive (HSE). The doctor issues the prescription on a form. A levy of €2.00* per item is payable.

Med 1 Form for Tax Relief on Medicines

Irish taxpayers are eligible to claim tax relief on payments made towards Health Care in any one calendar year. This includes payments made for prescription medicines. Phelan’s Pharmacy can provide you with a full breakdown of your prescription charges in any one tax year. To claim this tax relief, you must complete a Med 1 form (available from Phelan’s Pharmacy, online at or your local tax office).

*all costs and levies are subject to change by the HSE